[rancid] Re: RANCID as an Element of a CMDB System

Lance Vermilion rancid at gheek.net
Fri Sep 19 17:17:29 UTC 2008

Well I guess I should have checked the update on ziptie. It is already there.


On Fri, Sep 19, 2008 at 10:00 AM, Lance Vermilion <rancid at gheek.net> wrote:
> Traiano,
> There are commercial tools that do that (AlterPoint, Tripwire, etc).
> For opensource the only thing I know of off hand is a config collector
> for Cacti. It is very basic but it does work and it does store the
> config in mysql.
> As for Rancid doing what you want I don't think it would be all that
> hard to simply import the configs then inject them into mysql. To keep
> the mysql in sync with the rancid repo you could take good note of
> what rancid looks for and create the proper fields and tables to hold
> what you want. Rancid and grab what ever you want it to. Hell you can
> even make it do an snmp query to get info you want.
> -Lance
> On Fri, Sep 19, 2008 at 1:39 AM, Traiano Welcome <twelcome at tenet.ac.za> wrote:
>> Hi All
>> We've recently been tasked with putting together a CMDB system, and one
>> aspect of this system is the storage (and further analysis) of router
>> configurations. Currently, this is handled  in the following way:
>> 1. A rancid instance pulls router configs into the usual "config" directory,
>> resulting in a collection of ,v files.
>> 2. A "cmdb agent script" regularly polls the directory and extracts all new
>> configs and changed router configs into a MySQL database schema. at this
>> point the router configs are considered to be within the CMDB proper.
>> 3. Staff with access to a php web interface can view the physical elements
>> of routers (chassis, Slots, PSU, Processor, Feature Cards etc ...) and their
>> serial and part numbers and thus conduct Asset Tracking and Stores
>> Management.
>> At this point, the system is functional, but a major problem I forsee is
>> keeping the database schema up to date so that when new router models appear
>> with new hardware element fields and formats I would have to modify the
>> schema and some back-end import code to cater for new fields.
>> Ideally, what I want is a pre-canned sql schema for each model router config
>> (or a single generic one!) which would allow me to easily import a router
>> config into a database.
>> Does such a thing exist? Alternatively, is there a RANCID variant out there
>> which already imports router configs to SQL databases?
>> Thanks in Advance,
>> Traiano
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