[rancid] Probleme with rancid-run with a normal user

hina hina at hina.fr
Tue Sep 16 12:27:05 UTC 2008

I m very newbie in Rancid, and maybe it s stupid question.
I m trying to create a user backup (on each cisco), without enable. This user is able to do show run via telnet.
so in my loginrc I m trying to configure : noenable mode, with the user simple. But I have always errors (timeout) if I dont activate the enable mode. 
The user is correctly configure (can use the show run) on the cisco
but on rancid, I don t know how I can built a login rc
I try something like that :
add user backup
add password 90bK09 90bK09
add method telnet 
add enauser backup 

but it doesnt work ... clogin timeout during the rancid-run ... 
Someone can help me ? I m sorry already if this question is stupid

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