[rancid] Juniper SSG-1000 Help

Gregory W Zill gregoryzill at solutionary.com
Mon Oct 20 15:07:36 UTC 2008

I need some juniper assistance for this relatively new SSG1000.

I have tried both the *juniper* and *netscreen* options in the .cloginrc 
file but I am not getting the automated configs.

The juniper option is quiet and successful with jlogin and the hourly 
runs but no config gets added to the CVS.

Then, I also tried netscreen setting in .cloginrc and I get an error 
back to the screen with nlogin and no login and nothing in the CVS, of 


NSRPCLUSTER:-> can't read "enable": no such variable
     while executing
"if { $enable } {
	if {[do_enable $enauser $enapasswd]} {
	    if { $do_command || $do_script } {
		close; wait
     ("foreach" body line 66)
     invoked from within
"foreach firewall [lrange $argv $i end] {
     set firewall [string tolower $firewall]
     send_user "$firewall\n"

     set prompt ">"

gregory w zill, mba, cissp
Information Security Engineer
Managed Services Team
Solutionary, Inc.
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v: 402-361-3066

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