[rancid] Ignoring certain diffs

Eric Cables ecables at gmail.com
Mon Nov 17 17:39:14 UTC 2008

I went through the archives, and implemented one of the solutions for
ignoring diffs (such as call-forward, etc.).

I implemented it as follows in control_rancid:
<-- snippit -->
if [ $RCSSYS = "cvs" ] ; then
DIFFSUPPRESS="-I '.*call-forward.*' -I '.*Flash.*nvram.*'"

    cvs -f diff -u -4 -ko $DIFFSUPPRESS \
        | sed -e '/^RCS file: /d' -e '/^--- /d' \
        -e '/^+++ /d' -e 's/^\([-+ ]\)/\1 /' >$TMP.diff
    svn diff | sed -e '/^+++ /d' -e 's/^\([-+ ]\)/\1 /' >$TMP.diff
<-- snippit -->

Unfortunately this doesn't seem to have worked.  I checked my RANCID e-mail
this morning and it shows the following:

Index: configs/<hostname>
retrieving revision 1.4
diff -u -4 -I ''\''.*call-forward.*'\''' -I ''\''.*Flash.*nvram.*'\''' -r1.4
<hostname> @@ -26,16 +26,16 @@
  !Flash: nvram: Directory of nvram:/
- !Flash: nvram:   230  -rw-        7166                    <no date>
+ !Flash: nvram:   230  -rw-        7127                    <no date>
  !Flash: nvram:   231  ----        3867                    <no date>
- !Flash: nvram:   232  -rw-        7166                    <no date>
+ !Flash: nvram:   232  -rw-        7127                    <no date>

It looks like it should have ignored any lines with "Flash: nvram", yet they
are still showing up.

Can anyone please provide a second set of eyes and help me figure out what
I've done wrong?


Eric Cables
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