[rancid] help with rancid w/ Dell patch

Burton Windle bwindle at fint.org
Mon Nov 17 18:21:14 UTC 2008

I am running rancid 2.3.2~a7-2 (Ubuntu), and am attempting to integrate 
the Dell (dlogin/drancid) patches from rickyninja.net

I've got dlogin working (just "./dlogin"), but if rancid 
tries to send any commands (dlogin -c"show version""), the 
dlogin process seems to freeze after it sends the 'exit' command (or just 
wait forever).

It seems to be that my Dell switch doesn't like the 'exit' command; 
sending 'exit' (when at the enable prompt) simply takes it down to normal 
exec, rather then closing the session (like 'quit' does).  The account I 
am using to log into the switches drops directly to enable.

I tried to monkey around with the dlogin script, to have it send 'quit' 
instead of 'exit', but then it was complaining about not seeing a 

Has anybody else seen this? I don't know the internals of rancid well 
enough to hack this out at the moment.

(I emailed the author of the patch a few days ago and haven't heard from 

*The rancid log shows:
opened network stream from if () at /usr/lib/rancid/bin/drancid line 267.
found_end = 1, clean_run = 0 End of run not found

Burton Windle                           bwindle at fint.org

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