[rancid] Re: Catalyst 2960

Steve Ousley steve at host-it.co.uk
Thu Nov 13 15:19:28 UTC 2008

Hi Alex

Thanks for this explanation. Someone else already posted me the solution,
but this is useful to see exactly WHY that setting changed the behaviour :)

For the record, the setting was:

Add autoenable hostname 1

Many thanks for the swift responses and resolution.

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On Thursday 13 November 2008 14:10:14 Steve Ousley wrote:

> I have tried to clogin to the catalyst switches, and it logs in ok,
> however, I cannot type anything on the command line to get anything from
> the switch, the connection simply times out after a given period.

Your autoenable settings are wrong.

> Has anyone seen anything like this in the past and corrected it?

Yes. Whenever I've seen this [with routers and ASAs] it's been that the 
autoenable setting in .cloginrc is wrong. RANCID is waiting for the '>' 
prompt, but because the credentials you've told it to use are auto-enabled, 
it never sees a '>' [only a '#'] so it times out.]

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