[rancid] Catalyst 2960

Steve Ousley steve at host-it.co.uk
Thu Nov 13 14:10:14 UTC 2008



We have 2 Catalyst 2960 switches that rancid is unable to get the configs


I have tried to clogin to the catalyst switches, and it logs in ok, however,
I cannot type anything on the command line to get anything from the switch,
the connection simply times out after a given period.


I know the rancid user works ok as I can telnet to the switch from the
rancid machine, and view output as normal, but whenever I do this from
within rancid or clogin, it fails.


The config that I have is:


x.x.x.x:cisco:up in the router.db file.


Has anyone seen anything like this in the past and corrected it?


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