[rancid] Re: Presentation on RANCID at my local UUG

Chris Gauthier cgauthier at mapscu.com
Mon Nov 10 05:08:38 UTC 2008

I tackled the Ubuntu issue earlier this summer with v8.04 LTS Server.  Here is a link to my previous posts:


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I gave a presentation on RANCID, and how to deploy it and use it on a
CentOS system to my
local Unix User's group.

I don't know if it's of interest or not, and I make no claims about
the quality of the material,
presentation, or video, but I have 2 hours of video, and powerpoint
slides if anyone's interested.

Also, it was alleged during the presentation that Ubuuntu does not
suffer from the problems alleged
to exist on Linux in general with expect, and hence, the need to build
expect from patched source
may not exist for Ubuuntu.  I felt it worth mentioning for possible
inclusion in the README after
verification.  It is even perhaps possible that all versions of Debian
do not suffer from this problem,
but I can't make that claim as I do not use or have an installation of
Ubuuntu or anything else Debian.


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