[rancid] Re: Cisco ASA Backup with Preshared Keys

Dwi Chandra dc at dwichandra.info
Tue Nov 4 08:33:58 UTC 2008

Thanks for your enlightenment and correction Lance :)
Turned out that I mixed up the changes that I did and the rancid script
itself :P



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Can we include this fix?

Jeremy et all,

You could also simply just add the following before the other
WriteTerm items in the commandtable inside of <rancid home>/bin/rancid
so it would then get that info. The command would be attempted to be
ran on non ASA like devices but if the command is invalid (like the
already existing logic) it will just continue down the list of
commands. If it is successful running it will then mark it as
found_end and no longer process the rest of the commands in

        {'more system:running-config'   => 'WriteTerm'},

Dwi C Taniel,

Since the show running-config does NOT include the pre-shared-key
RANCID would not replace it with <REMOVED>. If you wanted to filter it
out you would need to augment rancid by adding this below the isakmp
removed line under the sub WriteTerm

        if (/^( pre-shared-key ).*/ && $filter_pwds >= 1) {
            ProcessHistory("","","","!$1 <removed> $'"); next;


tunnel-group xx.xx.xx.xx ipsec-attributes
 pre-shared-key *

Todd is correct with the more system:running-config

Here is a Cisco document backing up his comment.

I have also found but not verified "Another way to get unencrypted
keys is to go to the /admin/config page with a web browser. This works
for 7.x and 8.x. On a Pix running 6.x, go to /config."

On Mon, Nov 3, 2008 at 9:50 AM, Dwi C Taniel <dc at dwichandra.info> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I had one incident that I have to backup the config while showing the
> pre-shared key in PIX/ASA. (only <20 devices with <10 pair of tunnels)
> To what I remember, I commented out several lines in
> /usr/local/rancid/bin/rancid
> One of the line read as follow: (mine is at line 1541 - 1543)
>       if (/^((crypto )?isakmp key) \S+ / && $filter_pwds >= 1) {
>             ProcessHistory("","","","!$1 <removed> $'"); next;
>         }
> ... and I think I also commented out several other line(s) but can't
> remember which one.
> Now, if you commented out that line in rancid script, please bear the
> following point(s) in mind (CMIIW please):
> - all devices using /usr/local/rancid/bin/rancid will have that
> particular keyword unmasked -> instead of *** will be the actual
> value. So this will apply to all devices marked as 'cisco' in router.db
> - whoever can access /usr/local/rancid/var (or any location that was
> configured to store the rancid-run results) will be able to see the
> crypto/ ISAKMP keys
> I might have missed other line(s) to comment out either in
> /usr/local/rancid/bin/rancid or /usr/local/rancid/clogin, so for those
> that is more intimate with those scripts, please share it to the list.
> Hope that helps ;)
> P.S.: I'm no longer have access to PIX anymore, so for those that
> still have those access, please give it a try and let me know ;)
> Cheers,
> Dwi
> On 11/01/2008, Todd Heide <Todd at equivoice.com> wrote:
>> There is only one way to see the pre-share keys on an ASA.
>> More system:running-config
>> Not sure how Rancid can do that, but if someone can set it up to issue
>> that command, then you should be able to back up the VPN keys.
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>> I use rancid to backup all of my configurations, including two Cisco ASA
>> 5520's.  The only problem I have run into is that when rancid backs up
>> the configs on the ASA, the actual preshared keys are displayed as an
>> asterisk (*) rather than the actual preshared key.
>> Is there a way to get rancid to backup the actual config file?  I assume
>> it's just doing a screen scrape (sh running-config) and capturing the
>> output rather than copying the actual file.  This is fine for most
>> equipment, but if I have a failure on the ASA and needed to restore the
>> config, I would have to re-enter all the preshared keys (not fun with
>> several hundred tunnels).
>> Any help is greatly appreciated,
>> Jeremy Keys
>> jeremy_keys at memorial.org
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