[rancid] Re: Help on backing up Cisco ASA / ACE with Multiple Contexts!!

NMaio at guesswho.com NMaio at guesswho.com
Fri Dec 19 14:39:43 UTC 2008

As do I….though I modified the script to also look for FT (fault tolerance) changes so I know if a failover occurred.  This has already notified me a two pretty large bugs in the ACE code.




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That's the approach I take. Usually we need to monitor each context so our management station needs to reach each context directly anyway. So rancid just ssh to each context individually and treat them as separate devices.


Sreekanth K wrote:

	Has any one succeeded in backing up Cisco ASA / ACE with Multiple Contexts.
	When i try to do the same I am able to backup only the Admin Context. Any
	idea how to backup other contexts ?

easiest if all the contexts have their own IP: you can backup then each
context separately.


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