[rancid] Re: Rancid with Cisco ACS 4.x Issue

Sam Munzani smunzani at comcast.net
Mon Dec 8 19:37:51 UTC 2008

If you figure out please post the solution. I have same exact issue with 
Radius services for over an year now and haven't figured out a solution yet.

> I have been running Rancid a while and everything has been great until 
> recent.
> We purchased Cisco ACS 4.x and of-course authentication is going thru 
> the ACS server.  I have been having issue with when Rancid access the 
> router, nothing displays;
> Example:
> root at linux804:/var/lib/rancid <mailto:root at linux804:/var/lib/rancid># 
> /var/lib/rancid/bin/clogin  -c 'sho clock' c3560-24-sw1
> hsparkeast-c3560-24-sw1
> spawn ssh -c 3des -x -l netman c3560-24-sw1
> netman at c3560-24-sw1's <mailto:netman at c3560-24-sw1%27s> password:
> *Error: TIMEOUT reached
> *root at linux804:/var/lib/rancid <mailto:root at linux804:/var/lib/rancid>#
> if I removed the device from ACS and use local account, everything 
> work great!
> Any help greatly appreciated!
> OglumAVD
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