[rancid] Re: Repeated change in output

alex rancid at ale.cx
Fri Dec 5 08:07:56 UTC 2008

On Thursday 04 December 2008 22:00:59 Chris Cameron wrote:

> !VLAN: 1    default         active    Gi0/33, Gi0/37, Gi0/38, Gi0/45
> !VLAN:                              Gi0/46
> vs.
> !VLAN: 1    default         active    Gi0/33, Gi0/37, Gi0/38, Gi0/45,
> Gi0/46
> And this alternates every time it runs. During this time, no one is
> logged into these switches.

I see similar thing on routers with DNS servers alternating, and on ASAs with 
the indentation of the inspection config changing. I think this could be 
considered to be a minor bug on Cisco's part. On the other hand, if whatever 
part of RANCID does the diff between one config revision and the next had 
some awareness of what is being diffed, then this could be avoided. This 
would basically involve implementing a Cisco config parser that can 
understand every config directive, so don't hold your breath :-)


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