[rancid] I'm sure someone has come across this before - running nlogin -x and the remote Netscreen expects a prompt

Munroe, James (DSS/MAS) James.Munroe at gnb.ca
Fri Sep 28 17:22:23 UTC 2007



I'm sure someone has come across this before.  We're using RANCID 


 Basically I'm running nlogin -x no_ospf.txt <netscreen-fw-ip>


The no_ospf.txt file contains:


unset vrouter trust-vr protocol ospf




However, on the Netscreen itself, it prompts you whether or not you want
to disable ospf:  deleting OSPF instance, are you sure? y/[n]


Does anyone know how-to structure the command-file to get around this?


Thank You,


Jim Munroe

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