[rancid] Re: SSH not working with HP Procurve Switches

Chris Gauthier cgauthie at pcc.edu
Fri Sep 21 15:01:54 UTC 2007

I am not sure about your specific HP switch, but Foundry Networks is 
HP's OEM.  Foundry does not fully implement SSH on their own switches.  
I can use PuTTY to SSH into a Foundry switch, but cannot use any other 
features of SSH to exact any form of control or command usage.

However, you should be able to use SNMP easily or telnet.  I wish 
Foundry supported SSH better.

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Portland, Oregon

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mario wrote:
> Hi
> i have enabled "add method ssh" in the .cloginrc file.
> When i run rancid-run to connect to the switch i get the following 
> error in the log file:
> Getting missed routers: round 4.
> clogin error: Error: Couldn't login
> missed cmd(s): show stack,show module,show flash,show 
> version,show system-information,write term
> End of run not found
> ;
> cvs diff: Diffing .
> cvs diff: Diffing configs
> cvs commit: Examining .
> cvs commit: Examining configs
> If i run hlogin from the command prompt i alos get an error:
> rancid at debian:~/var/logs$ hlogin
> spawn hpuifilter -- 'ssh -c 3des -x -l rancid'
> hpuifilter: execlp() failed: No such file or directory
> Error: Couldn't login
> Any Ideas?
> Thanks Mario.
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