[rancid] RANCID with Nortel

Stephane Malo stephane.malo at gmail.com
Thu Jan 11 21:19:01 UTC 2007

Now that i`ve got RANCID working with my CISCO i am now faced with NORTEL
(which i have no experience at all)

Tried blogin and it did not work.
Got further with clogin but problem seems that there is no command line
interface for (CLI) BayStack 450-24T.
Got the 1st menu asking for CTRL-Y
  * Nortel Networks                                     *
  * Copyright (c) 1996,2000                             *
  * All Rights Reserved                                 *
  * BayStack 450-24T                                    *
  * Versions: HW:RevL  FW:V1.47 SW:v3.1.0.22  ISVN:1    *

Enter Ctrl-Y to begin.

Then other menu asking for password
BayStack 450-24T HW:RevL  FW:V1.47 SW:v3.1.0.22  ISVN:1

                       Switch Password: [ *************** ]

                      Enter Password: ********

then got final menu, which you can navigatre with up/down arrows

         BayStack 450-24T Main Menu

                        IP Configuration/Setup...
                        SNMP Configuration...
                        System Characteristics...
                        Switch Configuration...
                        Console/Comm Port Configuration...
                        Display Hardware Units...
                        Spanning Tree Configuration...
                        TELNET/SNMP Mgr List Configuration...
                        Software Download...
                        Configuration File...
                        Display Event Log
                        Save Current Settings
                        Reset to Default Settings

Use arrow keys to highlight option, press <Return> or <Enter> to select

Question is, how can RANSID query these systems?
Did anybody ever do a c or blogin file to take into account these menus or
is there a way to log into the BayStacks with CLI that RANCID can use.

Best regards
Stephane Malo
"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different
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