[rancid] Re: Vlans getting toggled on Cisco 6500

Justin Shore justin.shore at sktbcs.com
Wed Jan 10 23:51:42 UTC 2007

Here's the patch against RANCID 2.3.2a5.

Nice change.  Thanks

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> I vaguely recall seeing something like this on the list before, but I
> don't remember if there was a resolution and I can't find it now.
> Anybody have any idea how to prevent this?

  Here's my original post on the subject:

From: IN%"terry at tmk.com"       6-APR-2004 10:18:34.47
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Subj: Re: [Fwd: [netops] switches router config diffs]
> I'm getting a lot of these on my Cisco Catalyst 2950 during every
> rancid-run update.  These are worthless diffs as there aren't any
> changes in configuration but changes in port status.

  I know this one 8-)

  I bet you have people accessing the switches with different terminal 
width settings in their terminal programs. The VTY picks this up as part
of telnet option negotiations. Since RANCID is a non-interactive session
to the switch, it doesn't negotiate width.

  Try this patch for clogin (you'll probably need to apply it manually):

*** clogin_orig Fri Aug  9 16:54:10 2002
--- clogin      Sun Apr  6 19:20:42 2003
*** 455,460 ****
--- 455,462 ----
            send "set length 0\r"
        } else {
            send "term length 0\r"
+           expect -re $prompt  {}
+           send "term width 80\r"
        regsub -all "\[)(]" $prompt {\\&} reprompt
        # match cisco config mode prompts too, but not for catalyst ie:
*** 699,704 ****
--- 701,708 ----
            send "set logging session disable\r"
        } else {
            send "term length 0\r"
+           expect -re $prompt  {}
+           send "term width 80\r"
        expect -re $prompt      {}
        source $sfile

        Terry Kennedy             http://www.tmk.com
        terry at tmk.com             New York, NY USA
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