[rancid] RANCID is confused

Justin Shore justin.shore at sktbcs.com
Mon Jan 8 04:38:55 UTC 2007

...and so am I.  I made a number of RANCID changes today primarily
revolving around replacing machines I previously addressed by IP with
hosts file entries.  This of course required me to change the name of
the target hosts.  I used the info I found in this thread:


I also cleaned up my numerous router.db files (removing commented out
lines, the old lines referencing hosts by IP that I'd replaced with the
FQDN, etc).  I also ordered the contents of the files to be easier to
read (numeric order by hostname).  Finally I also removed some old
groups from $LIST_OF_GROUPS and commented out those lines in my
.cloginrc.  Basically it was a lot of cleanup work.

Now every time RANCID runs it emails me a config diff for one of my
router.db files; it retrieves and diffs the same revision every time it
emails me.  For another one of my groups it does the same thing plus it
repeatedly diffs the current and most recent revision (same one every
time) of 2 of the hosts that I changed from IP to FQDN.  

Looking in the logs I see these over and over again:

cvs diff: Diffing .
cvs diff: Diffing configs
cvs commit: Examining .
cvs commit: Examining configs
cvs commit: Up-to-date check failed for `configs/2821-1.domain.tld'
cvs commit: Up-to-date check failed for `configs/2821-2.domain.tld'
cvs [commit aborted]: correct above errors first!

Obviously CVS thinks there's a problem.  I don't know how to fix it
though.  I only see this output for hosts that I changed from IP to
FQDN.  RANCID is correctly pulling down the data and storing it in the
new config file(s) for the FQDN host(s).  Was there a step not listed in
the email thread I referred to above?  I copied the ,v of the old IP to
the new FQDN.  I added the missing line to the router.db file.  I
changed the .cloginrc to use the FQDN instead of the IP.  After running
rancid-run on the changed group I removed the reference to the IP from
the corresponding router.db.

Any ideas what I'm missing?  Google is indicating that I need to
manually update my files.  I don't know how to do that.  The whole point
of renaming from IP to FQDN was so that I could maintain my CVS history
for those hosts.


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