[rancid] Announcing the Device Interaction Suite (DIS)

Phillip Heller pheller at gmail.com
Tue Apr 10 05:25:39 UTC 2007

In the spirit of new product announcements, I'd like to interject a  
shameless plug.

For some years, I have been working on a open-source project similar  
to Rancid, but with different goals.

It is called the Device Interaction Suite, or "dis" for short.

It is a modular framework which implements classes for different  
device types (Connection), Transports (Transport), Authentication  
Methods (Authentication), and Interaction Routines (Interaction).  It  
is also a collection of scripts which utilize these methods to  
accomplish routine tasks.

These scripts include:

dis - the namesake script which provides for interactive access as  
well as general command execution
deploy-config - this script deploys configuration files to devices  
and does what's necessary to commit candidate configurations,  
synchronize routing engines, etc.
deploy-image - this script deploys new software images to devices,  
and reconfigures the device to boot that image on next boot, when and  
where appropriate

There are plans for things like deploy-password (for simplified  
password changes), deploy-filter (for bgp filter updates, based on a  
route registry), etc.

There is also a script to automate nightly telemetry retrieval.

Anyhow, maybe it's useful to some folks.

Available from Sourceforge at http://sf.net/projects/dis

Some screencasts here: http://dis.sf.net

And thanks to all the Rancid developers and contributors for a great  
software package!



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