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mark_scheuber at yahoo.com mark_scheuber at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 23 23:47:11 UTC 2006

Hi Guys,
    I have a preliminary script for the netscalers that a co-worker (Patrick Pirwitz) created.  He's the guy using these devices.  This assumes SSH keys have already been set up. (ssh keys on the netscaler are in /root/.ssh - there's a permission issue in that only root has access to ns.conf)  It copies all of the SSL certs (In case the box goes down hard and you need to recover) and the config ns.conf.  I'm just working on scripting a cvs check in at the end as incorporating this into rancid's script archetecture looked like a lot of work.  Any pointers on that John?  The script is below

for NODE in $LIST
#echo xfer $FILE to $NODE
scp -p $USER@$NODE:$FILE /export/home/rancid/var/rancid/Netscaler/SSL/$NODE 
scp -p $USER@$NODE:$FILE2 /export/home/rancid/var/rancid/Netscaler/configs/$NODE 


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