[rancid] Re: Problems with clogin and Extreme XOS

Tore Anderson tore at linpro.no
Fri Mar 17 10:23:23 UTC 2006

* john heasley

> when clogin connects, it looks for that weird extreme prompt
> enumeration and marks the host as an extreme.  with that in mind, it
> should deal with the * in the prompt and not try to adjust the
> (global) term length value.
> It looks like they changed their prompt format from :N to .N, or does
> it allow you to do that in the configuration?

  Wow.  I hadn't even noticed that difference before.  :-)  Patch
 attached;  makes clogin work flawlessly with XOS as far as I can tell.
 I've also attached a patch to xrancid that does the same thing, which
 seems to be required for it to be able to get beyond the first command.

  It still complains "End of run not found", though.  XOS doesn't have
 a comment indicating the end of the configuration file like ExtremeWare
 has.  I've hacked around this by setting $found_end to 1 if I see
 "# Module vrrp configuration", which is the concluding comment in my
 config file as I do not use VRRP, but obviously that isn't a generic
 solution.  :-)  There's another problem, too, that XOS doesn't have
 "show configuration detail" (only "show configuration"), while
 ExtremeWare has both.  I will look more into it later;  Perl is easier
 for me.  Maybe I'll be able to provide a decent patch, even.

Tore Anderson
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