[rancid] svn commit fails during rancid-run

Aaron Wise wise.186 at osu.edu
Fri Jun 30 18:00:23 UTC 2006

I'm running Rancid with subversion, and was wondering if anyone else  
is seeing commit failures when running rancid-run (with SVN):

svn: Commit failed (details follow):
svn: Out of date: '/repos' in transaction '9-1'

It appears that this is known subversion behavior-- although I don't  
fully understand the reason for the behavior, and don't know if this  
is consistent across other subversion versions. :)  I have not seen  
this issue on my CVS based installation.

subversion-1.3.1 (installed from FreeBSD ports)
rancid-2.3.2a4 (substituted for the rancid-2.3.1 FreeBSD port)

I was able to work around this issue by inserting a "$RCSSYS update"  
before each commit line in rancid-cvs and control_rancid.

Otherwise, everything has been working great!

Best Regards,

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