[rancid] Re: Monitoring Route Table with RANCID.

David LaPorte david_laporte at harvard.edu
Wed Jul 19 18:50:12 UTC 2006

We've been pulling interior routing tables (static, connected, ospf,
rip, igrp, eigrp) on all our routers to allow us to monitor route
changes and (more importantly) build a network topology off the RANCID data.

The key is, if I remember correctly, to strip out the time values in the
routes or you'll pick them up in a diff every hour.  I can supply our
diffs if anyone is interested.


Joseph Jackson wrote:
>     	First I just wanted to say that I love RANCID it's a great tool.
>     I have been looking around trying to see if there is any easy way to
> get
>     rancid to monitor the route table on 1 router?  I would like it to
>     pretty much do a show ip route and then diff any differences it
> see's in
>     it.  Is this easy?
>     Thanks
>     Joseph
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