IOS Software version Regex broken/fix

Lance Vermilion rancid at
Thu Jan 26 15:32:00 UTC 2006


There appears to be issues with the IOS script rancid. It appeats it doesn't pick up all the possible matches. I did a small change that appears to get all IOS software versions.

Ranvid Version:,v 1.193 2005/08/14 22:29:29 heas
Function: sub ShowVersion
OLD line 170: /^(Cisco )?IOS .* Software,? \(([A-Za-z-0-9]*)\), .*Version\s+(.*)$/ && 
NEW line 170: /^(Cisco|IOS ).* \(([A-Za-z0-9_-]+)\), Version (.*)$/ &&


-Lance <rancid at>

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