really aweful naming convention I dislike

Saku Ytti saku+rancid at
Fri Jan 13 16:38:27 UTC 2006

On (2006-01-13 09:25 -0700), Justin Grote wrote:

> Indeed. The closest way I could think to coming up with a unified 
> description for would be an XML DTD, but again, that's hard to develop a 
> schema that could include every possible device description, and I'm not 
> that smart :)

 It would always be more or less work in progress, so it would be critical
that design allows 'unmanaged' configurations, that currently are not
describable with the XML DTD but that can safely be used as-is.
 But even doing that properly is a challenge (if doable at all), as order how
it's eventually pushed to the box may still be very important.

 IIRC DTAG had some presentation in nanog about XML based system for
their internal use and I'm sure some other have done similiar home-grown
systems to have master config in database. But doing such tool
to work in _your_ network is way more trivial to make general 
purpose tool.


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