really aweful naming convention I dislike

Hank Kilmer hank at
Fri Jan 13 04:19:19 UTC 2006

Hey, I'm open to suggestions.  It is an outdated and sometimes "odd" 
name.  For those interested in history: I picked the name many moons ago 
because I knew it would solve 80% of my problem and therefore the 
"right" solution to my problem at that time would never get done.  Just 
for the record, the "right" solution at the time was to have a database 
that could generate my router configurations and have the database be 
authoritative...not the routers.  So I wanted a toxic name.


Robin Mordasiewicz wrote:
> I really love what rancid is doing for me, but I just cannot tell the 
> company that I am contracting for that I have installed a program called 
> rancid that logs into all their routers regulary and gathers config files.
> I have changed the user that rancid runs as to "NetConfig"
> my .02$
> keep up the good work. mebbe one day someone will think of a better 
> acronym.

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