really aweful naming convention I dislike

Justin Grote justin at
Fri Jan 13 02:51:14 UTC 2006

Robin Mordasiewicz wrote:

> I really love what rancid is doing for me, but I just cannot tell the 
> company that I am contracting for that I have installed a program 
> called rancid that logs into all their routers regulary and gathers 
> config files.
> I have changed the user that rancid runs as to "NetConfig"
> my .02$
> keep up the good work. mebbe one day someone will think of a better 
> acronym.

Do your employers also get offended that you run an Apache web server? 
Or maybe that you want their servers to run on a LAMP? Or that you hired 
an assassin for their spam?  How about running their mission critical 
java apps on the back of a Tomcat?

Just teasing, your point is well understood :)

You could leave off the really awesome new part and just call it Cid, 
for Cisco Internet Differ (or Configuration Internet Differ to be more 

Justin Grote
Network Architect
JWG Networks

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