[rancid] Arris Cadant C3 CMTS

listuser at numbnuts.net listuser at numbnuts.net
Fri Apr 21 17:46:46 UTC 2006

What are the odds of getting a patch to add support for the Arris C3?  The 
CLI is very IOS-like.  I just added one of our C3s to my RANCID setup and 
it's generating "End of run not found" errors.  Arris doesn't include an 
"end" to their running-config.  Neither does our Motorola BSR 1000 CMTS.  
I'd love to get support for both of these units.

I understand the need to match a string to determine that the 
running-config has been printed out completely.  Wouldn't it be possible 
to also wait for the prompt to be printed out.  For example


blah blah
blah blah


Is there any downside to matching "^DEVICE-PROMPT#" instead of "end"?

If there's anything I can do to aide in the support for either of these 
products please let me know and I'll do what I can.



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