RANCID against a F5...

Josh Rivel josh at trilegiant.com
Fri Sep 30 20:33:15 UTC 2005

So the F5's here are managed by a lot of different people,
and as a result, changes are made without others being made fully
aware of changes, and then sometimes things break, etc.

Anyway, I know there is no native F5 support in RANCID, I was wondering
if anyones modified their scripts to support a F5.

Basically you ssh in as a user, no enable password,
prompt is 'hostname:~#' and I just need to run a single command,
'b list' then 'exit'

That will give me the entire config then exit the ssh session.

Using 'clogin f5.domain.tld' works no problem, as I have a ~rancid/.cloginrc
setup with the proper usernames & passwords (I may setup public keys
instead once I get it working).  I can also do 
'clogin -c 'b list' f5.domain.tld' and that works as well.

I'm about to start hacking one of the existing files to tweak it
for the F5, but before I do, no need to reinvent the wheel...



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