rancid srpm/spec file?

Justin Grote justin at grote.name
Wed Sep 28 22:46:04 UTC 2005

Michael Stefaniuc wrote:
> Hello,
> does a source rpm or spec file exist for rancid? I've looked at the 
> download area, searched the mailing list and on google but couldn't 
> find one.
> If not i will have to make one but starting with an exiting one would 
> have saved time. 
I used to have a spec file a while ago but it's long since lost to an 
old repository I never backed up. I remember that it was fairly 
straightforward spec file for the install process, so it shouldn't give 
you much trouble. If you hit any snags you can email me the spec file 
directly and I'll see if I can't spot your problem (though I just, at 
the end of this message, noticed the @redhat.com, heh).

Justin Grote
Network Architect
JWG Networks

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