firewall blade in 6509 system context backup issue

Hopper, Faron W. faron.hopper at
Wed Sep 14 20:24:47 UTC 2005

    Well, thanks to everyone's help, I am almost finished setting up RANCID to retrieve all of my configs.  I have one last issue that I would like to ask everyone's opinion on.  We have 2 new firewall blades for Cisco's 6500 series switches.  These firewall blades have the concept of contexts or virtual firewalls.  When I use clogin to login into the virtual firewall, I can issue the changeto <context> command it will change the context. Everything works fine until i try to run clogin -c "changeto system; show version" hostname.  I think the problem is that the prompt changes.  Is it possible to use the enableprompt to catch this?  I haven't tried it yet, but from reading the man page it doesn't sound like it will look for a different prompt once I am already logged in.  Here is the clogin info.

bash-3.00# clogin ddcxf01c-fw-admin
spawn ssh -c 3des -x -l kcsc\netcfgbak ddcxf01c-fw-admin
kcsc\\netcfgbak at ddcxf01c-fw-admin's password:
Type help or '?' for a list of available commands.
ddcxf01c/admin> enable
Password: ********
ddcxf01c/admin# changeto system
ddcxf01c# sh ver

FWSM Firewall Version 2.3(2) <system>
FWSM Device Manager Version 4.1(1)

Compiled on Wed 06-Apr-05 13:08 by dalecki

ddcxf01c up 22 days 15 hours

Hardware:   WS-SVC-FWM-1, 1024 MB RAM, CPU Pentium III 1000 MHz
Flash  2.20    TOSHIBA THNCF128MBA @ 0xc321, 20MB

0: gb-ethernet0: irq 5
1: gb-ethernet1: irq 7
2: ethernet0: irq 11

Licensed Features:
Failover:           Enabled
VPN-DES:            Enabled
VPN-3DES:           Enabled
Maximum Interfaces: 256 (per security context)
Cut-through Proxy:  Enabled
Guards:             Enabled
URL-filtering:      Enabled
Throughput:         Unlimited
ISAKMP peers:       Unlimited
Security Contexts:  20

This machine has an Unrestricted (UR) license.

Serial Number:
Running Activation Key:
Configuration last modified by kcsc\netcfgbak at 15:16:53 Sep 14 2005
ddcxf01c# exit


Thanks in advance,

Faron Hopper
Network Engineer
3315 N. Oak Trfy
Kansas City, MO 64116

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