how do I force the clogin command to use ssh?

Hopper, Faron W. faron.hopper at
Fri Sep 9 20:31:06 UTC 2005

Hello all,
    Thank you for the help so far.  I have been trying to get my .clogin file looking correctly and I am starting to confuse myself.  When using a * in place of the device field, if I add another line trying to get RANCID to handle a particular device, will the 2nd line override the previous line?  For example, here is my .cloginrc thus far...

add method        *            {telnet} {ssh}
add autoenable    fi*          {1}
add autoenable    153.207*     {1}
add autoenable    ckc*         {1}
add autoenable    206.245.31.* {1}
add autoenable    10.33*       {1}
add autoenable    212.26*      {1}
add autoenable    rtr*         {1}
add autoenable    wp*          {1}
add autoenable    pa*          {1}

add autoenable    *            {0}
add enauser       *            {user}
add user          *            {user}
add password      *            {pass} {pass}
add cyphertype    pixhq*       {des}
add cyphertype    fw*          {3des}
add cyphertype    206.245.31.* {des}

add user          *-inter-ds3  {user}
add password      *ds3         {pass} {pass}

add user          206.245.21.* {user}
add password      206.245.21.* {pass}

add user          lb* {user}
add password      lb* {pass}

add user          *showcase {user}
add password      *showcase {pass}

add user          206.245.31.* {user}
add password      206.245.31.* {pass2}

So, my last line, 206.245.31.* {pass2}, does this work in conjunction with the line add password  *  {pass}?  So everything that is NOT 206.245.31.* will get pass and everything with 206.245.31.* will get pass2?  Is there anything else that I should be aware of when defining these devices?  Like should I add all of my specific devices first and then add the wild card?  Or what about the pattern matching piece of the puzzle.  If I specify cg* and then have 2 devices say, cgk01 and 01cg will it find both of those, or just the cgk01?

Thanks in advance.

Faron Hopper
Network Engineer
3315 N. Oak Trf
Kansas City, MO 64116

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