rancid and HP 4108 switches

Chris Gallardo wcgallar at iupui.edu
Wed Mar 30 14:37:41 UTC 2005

I have several HP 4108 switches with multiple vlans configured.
Specific ports have been untagged for a specific vlan.  I have been
trying to get rancid to collect the configs for these switches.  i've
combed through the mailing list archives and found only stuff on hp2500
series switches.  I've ran hlogin against these switches and the process
hangs at the operator level for the switch.  Rancid is able to log in
but will not pass the enable password supplied in .cloginrc to go into
enable mode.  I'm running tacacs on these switches so i'm not sure if
this is the problem or not but i wouldn't think it was since i'm running
tacacs on the cisco routers we have.  If anyone has dealt with rancid
and HP 41xx switches any information would be useful.



Chris Gallardo
Network Services

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