Integrating rancid with OpenNMS...

Brad Guillory round at
Mon Mar 28 17:13:29 UTC 2005

I am about to (today) integrate Rancid with an OpenNMS installation that
I have.  The idea is that if new routers are discovered in OpenNMS I
will add them to /etc/hosts, cloginrc and router.db.  Has anyone done
this?  I am planning on writing this in perl; and I have already written
a password basher that produces the proper output for cloginrc and
router.db.  Here are the scripts that I plan to write today (unless
someone can point me to something similar)

rancid_mv <oldname> <newname>
  dangerous cvs hack + change in /etc/hosts, router.db and cloginrc
rancid_reip <oldip> <newip>
  simple change in /etc/hosts
rancid_new <name> <ip> [<description>]
  detect password and os, make entries in /etc/hosts, router.db and cloginrc
rancid_delete <name>
  delete entries in /etc/hosts, router.db and cloginrc

Thanks for your time.


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