CatOS Problem

Coupe, Mark (ITD) Mark.Coupe at
Mon Sep 27 15:26:32 UTC 2004

I've got a Cisco network of 1900s (haven't dealt with yet), IOS and CatOS.
I've got all the IOS and CatOS devices in a single router.db file.  The
manufacturer entry is set for each to either 'cisco' or 'cat5' as
appropriate.  The problem that I'm having is that while all of the IOS
devices have their config pulled without issue, none of the CatOS devices
I have successfully logged into and run commands on the CatOS devices by
using 'clogin' and specifying the hostname and commands.  When I use
'rancid-run' I get the following error message (or similar) in the logs for
each of the devices:
"<hostname> clogin error: Error: TIMEOUT reached
<hostname>: missed cmd(s): write term all,show port ifindex,show module,dir
sup-microcode:,dir sup-bootflash:,dir bootflash:,dir slot0:,showversion,show
flash,write term,show boot,dir slot1:
<hostname>: End of run not found"

Can anyone point me in the right direction at least because while I realize
that the "End of run not found" is the bigger issue than the "missed cmd(s)"
(according to stuff I've read in the archives) I'm not really sure where I
should be looking.

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