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Christopher E. Brown chris.brown at
Tue Sep 28 17:20:51 UTC 2004

> I use FreeBSD 4.9 and rancid-2.3_1 from ports. I believe I "lost" the switches in an unintended upgrade of rancid from 2.2.something.
> /Soren

I have several hundred IOS devices, some redbacks,and a few dozen PiXen, 
all of those are fine.  My 40 or so CatOS devices (mainly 6509s, and a 
mix of SUP2 Cat4k and Cat5k) are the ones with issues.

2.x to 2.3rc1 broke 1760s.  2.3rc1 -> 2.3.1 fixed the 1760s, but broke 
all CatOS devices.  This is a FreeBSD system, and 2.3.1 is from the 
ports tree.

The IO error happens on the final command, I can reverse the run order 
of write term all and write term and it still happens the same.

It *looks* like rancid errors when things exit early (by rancids idea) 
Seems to do a double logout (?exit then quit?), and error out when the 
switch logs it out on the first command.  All commands run find on the 
switch (it is *after* write term all runs, when it issues an "exit\r" 
that things die.

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