rancid 2.3.1 failure with all "cat5" devices (was working before 2.3rc1 -> 2.3.1 upgrade)

john heasley heas at shrubbery.net
Tue Sep 28 17:19:41 UTC 2004

Mon, Sep 27, 2004 at 04:27:11PM -0800, Christopher E. Brown:
> bash-2.05b$ /usr/local/libexec/rancid/cat5rancid -d cs02-nwc
> executing clogin -t 300 -c"show version;show boot;show flash;dir 
> bootflash:;dir slot0:;dir slot1:;dir sup-bootflash:;dir 
> sup-microcode:;show module;show port ifindex;write term all;write term" 
> cs02-nwc
> PROMPT MATCH: cs02-nwc>

> HIT COMMAND:cs02-nwc> (enable) write term all
>     In WriteTerm: cs02-nwc> (enable) write term all
> write(spawn_id=4): I/O error
>     while executing
> "send "exit\r""
>     invoked from within
> "expect -nobrace -re {^[^
>  *]*cs02-nwc> \(enable\)} {

Does this occur all the time or transient?  does write term all complete
with disconnect of the terminal session?

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