Dell Powerconnect switches

Joe Rizzo jrizzo at
Tue Sep 14 16:40:13 UTC 2004

I have some Dell Powerconnect Switches I would like to be able to poll with
rancid.  The models are 3348s and 6024s.  The 6024 also provide L3

The CLI is IOSish.  I can successfully login to them using clogin.  Is
anyone using rancid to track changes on Powerconnect switches?  I searched
the Mailing list, but did not see them mentioned.

2 problems I see off the bat are:
1)  The pager can not be disabled (that I can tell)
2)  There is not an "end" and the end of the output from "show run"

What is the best way to proceed in adding support for these switches?  I am
not a programmer, but believe I could muck my way through coping rancid to
drancid and modifying it to work with the Powerconnects.  Rancid already can
deal with the pager in PIXes.  I am not sure how to handle not having "end"
at the end of "show run".

If anyone is interested, I could make one of the switches available on the


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