jerancid for ERX's with "service manual-commit"?

Andrew Partan asp at
Fri Sep 3 19:10:14 UTC 2004

On Fri, Sep 03, 2004 at 12:04:50PM -0700, Williamson, Todd wrote:
> I altered bin/jerancid to issue "show running-configuration exclude
> interface atm" instead of "show configuration".  I also tried it without
> the "exclude interface atm" piece and with a 1200 second timeout (there
> are *a lot* of pre-provisioned atm sub-interfaces in our configs).
> but jerancid's debug output always indicates the following:
> *****************
> jerancid -d somesite-erx1
> executing clogin -t 90 -c"show version;show redundancy;show boot;show
> environment all;dir;show hardware;show run e i a" somesite-erx1
> PROMPT MATCH: somesite-erx1#
> HIT COMMAND:somesite-erx1#show version
>     In ShowVersion: somesite-erx1#show version
> HIT COMMAND:somesite-erx1#show redundancy
>     In ShowRedundancy: somesite-erx1#show redundancy
> HIT COMMAND:somesite-erx1#show boot
>     In ShowBoot: somesite-erx1#show boot
> HIT COMMAND:somesite-erx1#show environment all
>     In ShowEnv: somesite-erx1#show environment all
> HIT COMMAND:somesite-erx1#dir
>     In DirSlotN: somesite-erx1#dir
> somesite-erx1: missed cmd(s): show run e i a,show hardware
> somesite-erx1: missed cmd(s): show run e i a,show hardware

Try replacing the 'show run e i a' with the full command - 'show
running-configuration exclude interface atm' and see what happens.

Also try running this
	NOPIPE=YES jerancid -d somesite-erx1

This will leave a somesite-erx1.raw file with the actual command
output so you can see the exact stuff that the perl code in jerancid
is trying to match against.

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