Routers changed to down: after upgrade

Bill Rowan browan at
Fri Jul 9 16:06:06 UTC 2004

We are seeing this exact same problem after upgrading from 2.3.1 to 2.2.2.  We are running RANCID for multiple cities, but not
seeing this empty "down" message on all of our cities.  Has anyone else seen and/or have a fix for this?

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Subject: Routers changed to down: after upgrade

I recently upgraded our rancid installation to version 2.3.1 from
2.2.somthing, and have an odd little issue.

I get a blank "Routers changed to down:" message every run for each
group that doesn't have any routers in the down state. If I add
something like "junk:cisco:down" to each group's router.db, then I don't
get any further "Routers changed to down:" messages after the next run
that reports the "junk" one.

Any suggestions? I can, of course, leave the junk line in my router.db
files, but that's not very aesthetically pleasing.


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