Rancid problem with 'WARNING' in 'show version'

Niels den Otter otter at surfnet.nl
Thu Oct 30 21:19:09 UTC 2003

Rancid (version 2.2.2) doesn't appear to handle lines that start with
'WARNING' during 'show version' well. Code says the following:

            # The line after the WARNING is what to do about it.
            $_ = <INPUT>; tr/\015//d;
            ProcessHistory("COMMENTS","keysort","I1","!          $_");

However on GSRs the warning is often given directly on the same line, eg.

  WARNING: Old MBus agent ROM in some slots; use "upgrade mbus-agent-rom" to update

The $_ causes the next prompt line to be read and the next command 'show
install active' never to be executed, which makes Rancid warn about
unsuccesful attempts. 

Does anyone know if the warning really comes after the WARNING line
sometimes? If so I guess an extra check is needed to see if the next line is
the prompt line and to continue if so.

-- Niels

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