Special Characters

Krueger, Brian krueger.b at portseattle.org
Thu Oct 16 19:44:39 UTC 2003

Has anybody run into problems when using special characters with passwords? When I try to run .cloginrc it gives me this (password characters have been changed):

Bareword found where operator expected at .cloginrc line 70, near "$
add autoenable"
        (Missing operator before autoenable?)
Number found where operator expected at .cloginrc line 70, near "org 01"
        (Do you need to predeclare org?)
Semicolon seems to be missing at .cloginrc line 70.
Operator or semicolon missing before *step at .cloginrc line 118.
Ambiguous use of * resolved as operator *step at .cloginrc line 118.
syntax error at .cloginrc line 70, near "$
add autoenable P69"
Execution of .cloginrc aborted due to compilation errors.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

krueger.b at portseattle.org

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