Rancid 2.2.2 Problem with CatOS Switches

klaus.hoedl at degussa.com klaus.hoedl at degussa.com
Fri Jul 11 11:20:51 UTC 2003

Hi all,
that's the first time i write to a mailing-list, i hope that will work and
everything is correct...

With rancid on native IOS routers and switches, everything works perfect!

I have problems running rancid 2.2.2 with Cisco CatOS Switches.

Rancid does not recognize the prompt correctly, even there are some lines
in the perl code which try to handle the native IOS and CatOS differences.
The script seems to send a "set term length 0" command, even this is a
nativeIOS command which does not work on CatOS.
Autoenable is set, because i have a priv 15 user.

With the inf0201> (enable) prompt, nothing happens. No command is send from
the rancid clogin script.
When i change the prompt to inf0201# (enable) , the clogin script tries to
send native IOS commands like "set term length 0".
That command is not supported, and the script times out ?

Since my knowledge with the rancid scripts is not very good, it would be
great if there is a workaround..

Thanks for your support

The original Switch-Prompt looks like this:

Cisco Systems, Inc. Console

*                     inf0201                        *
*            c a t a l y s t   4 0 0 6               *
*   F r a n k f u r t   D C   R a u m  3 2           *

Username: hoedl

inf0201> (enable)

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