Problems getting config when not enable mode

john heasley heas at
Wed Jul 9 16:46:39 UTC 2003

Wed, Jul 09, 2003 at 10:36:42AM -0400, Fred Jordan:
> We are collecting cisco router config files from some of our customers.
> Problems is we do not have enable mode access to the routers.
> What we have is the ability to do "show config" at the default
> privledge level that we log in with.
> I have tried multiple permutations of autoenable/noenable and still
> cannot get clogin to run the commands to collect the configs.
> Here are examples of telneting into the router as well as running
> clogin as user rancid with various .cloginrc permutations.
> Any help is greatly appreciated.

w/o creative AAA, you have to have enable to get the config, so
rancid expects that, ie: a prompt ending in #.  That will be one
problem, that will need to be (for the moment) hacked in rancid.

there may other cmds run by rancid that also require privs.

> ==============================================================
> = First try
> = .cloginrc parameters
> =add user  ranuser
> =add password   {ranpass} {ranpass}
> =add noenable
			 ^ you need a value here for the config parser, 1.
			   sorry, the manpage is wrong and the code doesnt
			   handle this well --- added to the todo list.

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