Riverstone Router (and Enterasys 8600s, anyone?)

Andrew Fort afort at choqolat.org
Wed Jul 9 09:50:56 UTC 2003

KEVINC wrote:

>	I have some experience on Enterasys 8600 with Rancid 2.3 
>	some tip I can share with you !
>	1.use short router name
>	2.use "system set terminal rows 0 " command
Thanks for your notes Kevin,
I've patched the provided rivlogin to perform "cli set terminal rows 0" 

Is this the same as "system set terminal rows 0", or different?  Either 
way, 'cli set term row 0' seems to work OK in that regard (it's per 
session, not a configuration setting, which is the same as clogin using 
"term length 0" on IOS).

The problem we're having is due to the annoying escaping the OS does 
when completion occurs.  Disabling completion doesn't appear to stop the 
box from spitting out control characters, though.  The regexp's in the 
rivlogin code to take care of this situation (ignore the line, print the 
contents of the command back to the system so that rivrancid notices 
this rather than a munged set of escape characters) doesn't work for us, 
but I haven't quite worked out why yet.

Why did you need to shorten the router name?


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