Riverstone Router (and Enterasys 8600s, anyone?)

Andrew Fort afort at choqolat.org
Wed Jul 9 07:23:18 UTC 2003

listuser at numbnuts.net wrote:

>Their router OS's CLI would be quite familar to anyone familar with 
>Cisco's IOS.  The verb and noun have been switched to stave off Cisco 
>lawsuit threats for using something similar to their CLI.  Other than that 
>it's quite close to the feel of IOS.  You won't get anything out of their 
>swtiches though.  They are all menu driven.  I never have been able to 
>work out and expect script to manipulate it. 

yeah.. we have a number of 8600s, and mostly 2200s and VHs that need 
collection.  you could capture all the output of a script fumbling 
through the menus, then strip all the evil escape chars, and place the 
information into the repository.. not great, but better than nothing, 
perhaps.  we have a script to gather the information, just not parse it 
into something suitable for the repository at this stage.

Are folks out there using the rivlogin (from 2.3-eft) successfully with 
version 8 software on SSR8600s?


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