Server crashed and RANCID somehow restored a two year old version

Elliott, Andrew AElliott at
Mon Dec 29 16:34:27 UTC 2003

> hmm.  Given the revs are serial, there are only 23, and the 
> jump in dates;
> I'd guess that either rancid had trouble committing updates 
> (see the log
> files) and the errors were ignored, the CVS file was damaged 
> in the crash
> (check the ",v" RCS file and compare to your backups), or 
> someone mucked
> with the cvs file.

This is one of the few routers that are still in existance from March
2002.  99% of the routers in the configs dir are no longer in operation.
Also, other than Cisco, we also used to have Bay, Redback, etc, and we
no longer even had those Vendors directories anymore... also several of
the newer directories are missing (IE: Catalyst, Juniper, Unisphere)...

I am starting to think I need to just blow it away and start over since
I obviously don't know enough about CVS... all I have ever known about
CVS was how to create new entries, delete old ones, and update and

Thanks for all the help, 


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