Server crashed and RANCID somehow restored a two year old version

Randy Bush randy at
Mon Dec 29 15:49:29 UTC 2003

> I run RANCID on Solaris on an U5.  The box crashed last night and
> when it came back up RANCID somehow restored a copy of the very
> old (2+ yrs old) configs/directories/etc.

not bleedin' likely.  on the target system, you forgot to
save/force the configs to nvram so that, when it rebooted,
it got the last saved config, which was 2+ years old.

> I am wondering how to go about getting the configs restored from
> two days ago?

that depends a lot on the target box's command language, of course.
but rancid has the configs in cvs, so just check out the one you
want.  or, if you like the most recent, you will find it in


and then stick it up the target.


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