Grabbing ATM-configs on Catalysts

Juhis Harakka juhis at
Wed Dec 10 01:39:29 UTC 2003

Hello all,

I'm pretty new to rancid, only  running it for few weeks.  However,
I noticed from the list archives, that in  october  there was some
discussion about getting the configs from the ATM-daughterboards
on Catalyst switches.  I got the impression, that nobody hasn't
done that yet, so I guess I have to scratch my own itch ;)

I have been doing some thinking and testing, and my plan is as
follws: Create a modified version of rancid, say e.g.  carancid,
which would during the config processing make a notice of  slot
numbers of ATM-cards.  Then it could invoke modified version of
clogin, e.g. calogin, for each slot. calogin should accept one
additional command line argument specifying the slot number.
Finally, carancid process the configs as usual and appends them
to main switch config.  Of course,  modified version of cat5rancid
is needed as well for CatOS switches...

Any comments, thoughts, etc.?  If no show stoppers pop up,
I should have something cooked up before weekend...

                                         - juha -

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