pre-post login script (was Re: RANCID's fantastic!)

Andrew Fort afort at
Sun Dec 7 10:41:42 UTC 2003

john heasley wrote:

>What if there were a "pre-login" (and perhaps post-disconnect) script (akin
>to clogin -s), specified/identified by cloginrc?  for example,
>add loginscript	router*		{/usr/local/share/cisco-cons.exp}
>add logoutscript	router*		{/usr/local/share/cisco-cons-disco.exp}
>I suspect that both (any) of these would have to meet some expectations of
>*login.  I'm not sure exactly what those might be, just a nagging thought
>in the back of the brain.

The main change as I see it would be required in the logoutscript, since 
if I read this correctly, the end of each router. 

    } else {
        label $router
        log_user 1

    # End of for each router
    sleep 0.3
exit 0

The "interact" ends when the session closes? (i.e., after we might need 
to do some bits with the script).  Looks straightforward if we're 
already running a script (-s), however.

>I believe what afort referred to in his mail was the idea of having a
>"pre-login" command directive in cloginrc.  An idea which would be replaced
>by this.

Yep, that's what I was getting at.  The type of hook you suggest sounds 
like a better option.


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