Riverstones and RANCID

Andrew Fort afort at choqolat.org
Sat Dec 6 00:19:05 UTC 2003

Alastair Galloway wrote:

>I've installed and set up RANCID to grab the configs of some Ciscos and
>Junipers and now I want it to talk to some Riverstone kit (specifically a
>Riverstone 3000 running software version  I've found a few
>references to a "rivlogin" in archives of this mailing list but I haven't
>actually found copies of the scripts anywhere - do they exist?  
>Alternatively I can hack the clogin and maybe rancid scripts, but I'd be
>happy if I could avoid having to do that.
>Alastair Galloway

Greetings Alastair.  I'm using a few RS3000s and also some 
cabletron^H^H^Henterasys SSR86000s (same CLI), which behave like the 
Riverstones as far as RANCID is concerned.

I found some serious buffering issues (related to the annoying "ANSI" 
control characters in the RivOS/Enterasys/CabletronOS CLI) with the 
supplied 'rivlogin' in the 2.3 betas.  However, I have hacked the 
www.nmops.org 'rscmd' (originally hacked from clogin anyhow) to support 
multiple commands per login (as required by RANCID) and this works well 
for me (Linux 2.2/2.4, Solaris 8, various tcl/expect versions, etc).

Perhaps you'd like to give the hacked rscmd a try?  It lacks the -s 
(script) feature of the other *login programs, but otherwise is complete.

I'd like to get some other testers on this so we can get it included 
into 2.3 final.

TODO on this includes: - hack to make 'last resort' passwords 
configurable (RADIUS failures are common on the Enterasys boxen)..


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